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Welcome to my portfolio. Out of this world design!

Hey there! Welcome to my online portfolio. My name is Sean Geng. I'm a Freelance Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Motion Effects Artist, and Webmaster. I like to push the boundaries. I love creating unique, clean, usable design for the web and other digital sources. This website was created with ease of use and user-friendlyness in mind. My portfolio was created with the use of great scripts like jQuery, Paralax, and many more. So, if you want to check out some more of my work, just click on the portfolio link in the top. Now go explore the universe!

Who is that floating asian kid? About Sean Geng.

See floating asian kid to the right? That would be me. I'm Sean Geng. I started working on the web many years ago. Since then, I have been creating clean, elegant, and creative designs for the web. I've worked on everything from Video Effects and Animation to Graphics and Web Design. I've learned and tried to master languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP, and much more. I've also worked with many of the popular CMS (content-management systems) such as Wordpress and Drupal. Through my experience on the internet, I've come to meet some of the most talented people, who have taught me much. When I design, I always try to be unique and push the boundaries. So now you know a bit about me. Check out my portfolio, or if you are really interested, head over to the contact area and shoot me an email.

Abducted by Design! Portfolio of Sean Geng.

So this is what you came here for. No, not to be abducted. The aliens are already taking my portfolio, so you got lucky on this one. It would seem my portfolio is so valuable that even higher life beings want it.

Thoughts from the rocket ship. Online Blog of Sean Geng.

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Pittsburgh, PA


sean (at) designspasm (dot) net


Sean Geng


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A bit More About Me, Random Facts about Sean Geng

So, for those of you that are curious, and want to find out just who I am, (or maybe you are a super creeper or something like that) here are some basic facts about me.

Basic Facts

Gender: Male

Favorite Color: Blue

Interests: Drawing, Computers, the Web

Operating System: Windows/Linux

Program of Choice: Adobe After Effects/Dreamweaver

Favorite Movie: V for Vendetta

Favorite Style of Art: Vector/Abstract

Current Wallpaper: Absord

Inspired by: Smashing Magazine

Currently: Freelance Work/Internship at Larson O'Brien

Programs that I use, I use Adobe Products, Experience

I use a lot of programs and software to complete my tasks. I tend to favor using Adobe products to create my designs. However, I've tried many other different ones. Below are some of the programs that I have experience with. For graphics I use Photoshop (PS), Fireworks (FW), and Illistrator (AI). I use After Effects (AE) for motion graphics. If I need to create flash work, I use Flash (FL). And finally I use Dreamweaver (DW) for web related work.

Making of my Portfolio, link back, Many thanks to

It was thanks to alot of people and wonderful scripts that I was able to create this portfolio. And of course, I will give credit where it is due.


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