Whenever we speak of web design, most people incorrectly assume that it is only a matter of aesthetics. While an undeniably vital component of design, aesthetic should be your secondary concern. This article seeks to shed some light on this statement. Be sure to keep reading so that you can better understand this basic principle of design.

Function before Form

A commonly held misconception about web design is that designers come up with the site’s look first, before introducing its actual components. The truth of the matter is quite the opposite, however. At the end of the day, it all comes down to “whys” of one’s design. That is why the ability to think ahead and plan out one’s site in its entirety becomes a crucial skill every web designers needs to have.

To make things a bit more concrete, we highly recommend that you go take a good look at what your site is for and what it is about. Are you looking to highlight the images featured in your site? Do you want your viewers to easily follow links? These basic questions will inevitably inform the design choices you will make at the end of the day.